Wouldn't it be helpful if you had an array of tools at your disposal that automatically helped you complete your projects? Job-Dox has a set of features that work behind the scenes to do just that leaving you with time saved from having to set reminders or requesting progress updates from your team.


While tasks can be created manually, we offer a Business Process tool which enables you to have tasks generated at certain key points in your project. These automatically generated tasks can also trigger messages to be set out to the responsible party so they are aware of the status of their role in your project.


The Newsfeed is a built in feature of Job-Dox. By simply using the system, events are automatically added to the newsfeed and displayed in both a company-wide view and project-wide view.


In the event you have a project which requires certain criteria to be met, customized alerts can be created. These alerts will help your team prioritize which projects require attention without a manager having to use up valuable time tracking them.

Have an idea of process that could be automated to save your company time and money? Want to know more about Job-Dox? Give us a call or continue navigating our site.