Managing your project with Job-Dox helps your team work as a cohesive unit, moving projects forward to completion faster. Our Document and Image Modules help you share information across multiple platforms from anywhere. Accessibility for your customers increases their understanding and satisfaction in the progress of each project.


Create tasks and improve accountability for staff in order to keep your project up to date and even ahead of schedule. Tasks can also be assigned to multiple team members to help evenly distribute workloads.

Journal Notes

Keep everyone involved in your projects in the loop by making quick notes. Journal Notes will appear in the Newsfeed for everyone with appropriate permissions to view.


Being able to message other members or your team is essential to the collaborative effort required to make a project successful. Job-Dox has a built in messaging system which not only helps you and your team stay in touch with each other and customers, but helps organize the messages in such a way that they are easy to locate later for record keeping purposes.

When a customer can see the work that is being done and the level of communication taking place, it creates a trust in your team and your company. Find out how Job-Dox can help you today by contacting one of our sales team members.