Lack of communication on a project can lead to no shortage of problems. Keeping in touch with your staff and customers is the keystone upon which Job-Dox is built.


What would a project be without email? Job-Dox has a built in Inbox Module which allows you and your team to easily send messages to one another and to any other contacts on a project without the need to open a separate email program. All messages are stored in an inbox for each project, thus, making it easy and simple to find emails pertaining to that project. All emails will also be delivered to your business or personal email account as well to provide redundant storage and ensure notification of the messages' intended recipient.

When you utilize our Business Process Module, messages can be sent out automatically to remind your staff of tasks which need to be performed or to deliver daily progress reports to your customers. The value of this being that you do not have to stop your day to call your customers or check on your team's progress.


Our Newsfeed Feature is one of the more powerful communication and management tools which is built into the Job-Dox system. The events listed are, mostly, automatically created simply by using our software which informs the user of things like images or documents being uploaded. Journal entries being added or specific tasks being marked as completed and who performed all these action with a date and time.


The Tasks Module enables you to keep your team in the loop by giving them a clear picture of what needs to be done and when it is expected to be completed. Through the Business Process Module, management can set up Job-Dox to send out tasks automatically based on criteria that you can specify.

The List Goes On...

Job-Dox is all about communication. To find out about how we can help you and your team connect give us a a call or email us. We'd love to hear from you.