Budget Module

Reliably and consistently documenting any project can be an arduous task. Thankfully Job-Dox has a robust and easy to use set of tools designed to help you.


The Job-Dox Contact Module allows you to keep track of all the contacts which pertain to any of your specific projects. Manage you customer's or vendor's contact information and make it easier for your customers to know how to get in touch with your point of contact on a project.


If your project requires it, the Photos Module allows you to upload images from your mobile device quickly and easily at which point they can be shared with other members of your team or with your customers.


With our Documents Module you can upload your own files, use one of the standard templates or have our team create custom templates to meet your company's needs. These templates can be used to capture signatures as required on your project site for projects which require work authorization, for example.


The Newsfeed Module is an automatically generated list of activity which shows user activity on a project. Each project has it's own newsfeed and our main Dashboard Module has a summary or all significant events throughout your company.

Journal Notes

Sometimes being able to make a quick note about a project is handy. With our Journal Notes feature you can do just that quickly without having to open a email app or find a pen and paper.

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