About Us

About Our Company

Job-Dox is an intuitive project management solution. It is simple to use and mobile friendly, which allows you to create new projects from the office, job site, or even the beach. No need to get back to the office or send multiple emails or texts. Our software can automatically alert you when there is an issue or when projects haven’t had activity-to keep projects moving and help you avoid losing time or money.

What's the Deal with the Bird?

Like the hawk in the sky, Job-Dox provides laser sharp focus for projects that are happening miles away. Being able to see all of your projects from a “bird’s eye view” gives you the confidence to manage your company successfully anytime from anywhere. Plus, it’s just really cool.

How Did Job-Dox Start?

A restoration company realized they were spending more time documenting projects and constantly keeping up with information. Spending more time tracking down paper folders and email, less time actually managing and growing their business. They knew there had to be a way to improve communication and increase efficiency. Out of this realization Job-Dox was created, to serve as a solution to their own problem. Over time and after years of development, they decided to offer this awesome tool to other companies.

Who We Are

A group of software developers collaborating with experts in there storation industry, who endeavor to make a project management solution that will revolutionize the market.

Tyler Junell

Clint Junell

Mark Zedwick

Lacy Schara

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Why Do We Believe in Job-Dox?

We have seen a company go from being full of paper to paperless. From chaos to organized and from average returns to increased profits. We have hands on experience in restoration industry and have been able to adapt to the changing technology and why we are constantly evolving to exceed the needs and expectations of the field. We strive to be innovators not just to be the project management solution but to revolutionize the restoration industry as well.

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With our project management software, you can keep your customers informed about various projects, which will help productivity. Our company can help your company become more efficient and more equipped in an increasingly technological society.