Yes – but what does that mean? We hear this question often and we get it, people want to be able to work where they don’t have signal. The reality is nothing actually gets done without a signal. What do we mean by that? Turn your phone to airplane mode, then try to navigate to your favorite apps. All you can do is see what was loaded last time you opened your app. Nothing new can happen. In the case of Job-Dox you can see jobs, load some photos, get directions, but only really on jobs that were already created and opened last time you were connected. You can go down a rabbit hole that you have already dug, but you can’t dig a new one and go down that. In today’s world connectivity is vital. Without it you can’t call, receive the lead, navigate to the job, check your social media, or …… we have some really cool features to help with part of that, but you can’t accomplish much with any program if you’re fully offline. Software that is based on time sensitive updates to make sure all projects are always up to date.
Yes, Job-Dox is supported on both Android and iOS devices. We recommend saving your customized Job-Dox login page to your home screen for easy access.
Yes, currently available with Quickbooks Desktop/Enterprise, and Quickbooks Online. Plus, Job-Dox has a budgeting tool that will let you track your expenses, job-costing, and invoicing in real time with photo documentation.
Who? Just kidding. We know exactly who they are we have tried to initiate an integration with them to serve our clients better, we believe integration with key industry tools in valuable. Although we are integrated with several tools that is not an option currently with Xactimate. However, we can do so much in our scoping tools that you might find you prefer working with our scoping and invoicing tool over other options. We support multiple price lists to serve varying situations and you control that pricing in each scenario. Additionally, we have some features that make you more efficient even when you are using Xactimate that don’t require an integration. Ask about those features! How can I get issues fixed? The best way to get any technical issues handled is to submit a ticket to support@job-dox.com or many of our clients have found our Job-Dox Masters Facebook group to be helpful.
Sure! And we can often help with that too. It’s not really on us though, it’s a matter of how friendly your previous program wants to act.
Absolutely! User access includes all current features and any new features we develop for as long as you remain an active Job-Dox user – with no price increase ever.
$50/user/month with a minimum of 5 users. To get started, there is a one time $1,000 set up fee that covers training, documents, customization, integrations, etc.
User access includes all current features and any currently planned new features we develop for as long as you remain an active Job-Dox user – with no price increase ever. Prices may not remain at this level for future clients. But hey – you’ll be grandfathered already.
If it’s not a good fit, we just need a 30 day notice for billing. No contracts to worry about. In most cases, we have the ability to provide a project report for jobs created in the system. We don’t see any reason to force you to stay if it’s not a benefit for you. Let’s part ways and both be happy about our relationship.
You can expect to have a better stream of communication with your clients and staff. You can anticipate less meetings and things slipping through the cracks along with better process flows and documentation. Get more done with your current staff so you save time and make more money.
Certainly. There are a couple of things we have seen and learned from the data. The first is that 70% of our users experience saving 15hr/ month on duplicate, redundant or admin type tasks. So teams don’t have to search for file folders or keep up with receipts to bring to the office and complete expense reports. That’s sort of thing. Assuming a $50/hr billable rate per user saving 15hrs a month. 50 x 15 = 750 if 70% are saving that .7 x 750 = $525 in value for time saved per user. We charge less than 10% of that amount. So for every dollar they give us we give 10 back in value. This doesn’t account for those 15 hours saved pushing your staff into OT. Next what we’ve seen in the data is that companies are saving about 2% annually in overhead from the time they signed up to now. That number is substantial in some cases. If you’re generating $3M annually in revenue and typically run 12% overhead cost saving 2% and getting that down to 10% is $60K. And so far we haven’t even talked about all the work you’ve done that you completely forget to bill for? The stuff that slips through the cracks with your current processes. We can solve those issues too, and with some of our clients that’s equivalent to $100K/ yr in value.

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