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6 Best Electrician Apps to Make Your Job Easier

May 29, 2024

Every day, electricians must manage project workflows, perform complex calculations, and make sure all safety rules are followed. 

Imagine doing all of these tasks manually. That would be difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, you can use electrician apps to simplify daily tasks. These tools offer several features that boost productivity and speed up procedures.

With that in mind, in this article, we will explore the best electrician apps and highlight their features and potential to make your work easier.

What Are Electrician Apps Used For?

Applications for electricians are specific tools made to help them work more productively. They have several uses:

Project Management

Project management apps help many electricians manage their workload, due dates, and resources from the job site or the office. 

These tools feature task assignment, scheduling, budgeting, and customer service, among others. Additionally, they reduce administrative tasks, which increases the productivity of electrical contractors.

Overall, project management software can help electrical businesses improve their daily processes.

Technical Calculations

Electricians usually perform complex calculations like voltage drop, load capacity, and conduit fill. 

Electrical apps make these computation tasks easier by providing accurate and quick results. These tools can also minimize human errors that could lead to expensive rework or safety hazards.

Reference Guide

Having access to a reference guide is necessary for many electricians. 

Reference apps offer a digital library of electrical codes, standards, and best practices. The most recent information about the electric industry is also available. This ensures professionals comply with the national electrical code.

6 Best Electrician Apps in 2024

There are a few electrical apps that stand out in the market for increasing productivity and simplifying tasks. The top electrician applications listed below will greatly improve your workflow:

1. Job-Dox

Website of Job-Dox, a project management software for electrical businesses

Job-Dox is a project management app that electricians and contractors will find useful. It helps them manage their electrical projects from start to finish.

This software enables real-time team collaboration, work management, and progress tracking for electricians. It also offers a cloud-based solution, so professionals can access data wherever and whenever.

One of Job-Dox’s highlighted features is its user-friendly interface. This increases employee productivity by providing easy access to several app features and customer information.

Additionally, Job-Dox has extensive reporting and analytics options. These provide useful information about the status of electrical projects. At the same time, data-driven insights enable electric businesses to make informed decisions.

All things considered, Job-Dox is the top choice for any electrician and electrical business owner looking to improve project efficiency and workflow.


  • Task management
  • Team collaboration
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customer support
  • Integration with other apps
  • Employee management
  • Document management
  • Budgeting tools

2. Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References

Source: Ugly’s Electrical References

Ugly’s Electrical References is an app for electricians who require instant access to electrical codes and standards. It offers a comprehensive electrical engineering dictionary, which is updated frequently. This keeps users up to date on the most recent rules governing the industry.

This mobile application also has a user-friendly design. It’s easy to get the information you need, whether that’s electrical symbols or deeper knowledge about Ohm’s law.


  • Video tutorials
  • Web references
  • Electrical calculators and NEC tables
  • Access to Ugly’s Electrical References book

3. Voltage Drop Calculator

Voltage Drop Calculator

Source: Google Play

Voltage Drop Calculator is a useful tool for calculating precise voltage drops. This mobile app helps electricians determine the correct input wire size for their projects by computing voltage drops based on the wire type, length, and load. 

The app also features a user-friendly design. Plus, it saves time and minimizes human errors.


  • Voltage drop percentage
  • Wire resistance
  • End voltage calculator

4. Electrician Handy Tool

Electrician Handy Tool

Source: Google Play

The Electrician Handy Tool is packed with several useful features. It includes a voltage drop calculator, a conduit fill calculator, and a box fill calculator.

This mobile app also offers conversion tools for units commonly used in electrical jobs.

The Electrician Handy Tool helps solve complex calculations so you can save time and avoid costly mistakes. 


  • Conduit bending calculator
  • Voltage drop calculation
  • Fraction calculator
  • Conduit fill references
  • Wire ampacity

5. Electrician’s Sidekick

Electrician’s Sidekick

Source: Google Play

The Electrician’s Sidekick is a convenient app designed to meet the various demands of electrical professionals. It is simple to access various resources, including reference materials and troubleshooting guides, because of the user-friendly layout. 

The free version app also features connector selectors, conduit bending calculators, and voltage drop calculators.

Additionally, users can rely on the newest app features and enhancements thanks to regular updates.

The mobile app’s extensive library of resources makes it an invaluable tool for both new and experienced electricians.


  • Web resources
  • Connector selector
  • Wire size calculator
  • Conduit bending calculator
  • Voltage drop calculator
  • Conduit fill calculator

6. Master Electrician Reference

Master Electrician Reference

Source: Google Play

Master Electrician Reference is another popular app among electricians because of its extensive reference resources. It covers everything from basic electrical concepts to complex industrial codes.

One of the app’s best qualities is its simple search function. Users don’t need to sift through dense content. they can access specific information in mere minutes.

Master Electrician Reference is also a great app for electrical engineering professionals who need to stay updated with regulations. The software is regularly updated to show the most recent standards and codes.


  • Simple circuits
  • Distribution systems
  • Electrical formulas
  • Electrician terms
  • Voltage drop calculation

Work Smarter with Job-Dox Today

If you’re an electrician who wants to improve project management and expedite workflow, Job-Dox is the app for you. This software includes all the features you need to schedule jobs and more. 

It also has an intuitive UI and powerful reporting capabilities to help you manage your projects successfully.

Why Choose Job-Dox?

  • All-in-one project administration: This project management software lets you organize all assignments, plans, and materials in one location.
  • Real-time collaboration: Job-Dox makes sure that everyone in your team is working together towards one common goal.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Job-Dox gives you insights into how your project is performing so you can make informed decisions.

Experience the impact that Job-Dox can make in your everyday operations by giving it a try now. 

Sign up for a free trial today to access the entire feature set and advance your electrical projects. Or call 888-983-9834 to find out more about our project management solutions.

FAQs About Best Electrician Apps

What is an electrician app?

An electrician app is made for a mobile device or PC. It is designed to help electricians with their daily tasks. 

What features should I look for in an electrician app?

A few features to look for in an electrician app are circuit simulators, project management tools, and code references. You also might want to look for wiring diagrams, an energy cost calculator, and offline access. 

Can these apps replace traditional tools?

Electrician apps are very helpful. But, they are meant to be used with traditional tools, not as a complete replacement. 

Are there apps specifically for apprentice electricians?

Yes, there are apps made especially for aspiring electricians. These programs often provide educational materials and basic tools. They help electrical engineering apprentices learn about the electric industry.

Can electrician applications help with compliance and safety?

Absolutely. Current electrical codes, safety precautions, and industry best practices are all included in many electrician applications. These ensure compliance to national electrical codes and regulations.

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