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Restoration Project Management Solutions

Efficient & Effective Project Management
platform for Restoration Contractors

How it Works

A self-service portal for restoration project management for carriers and contractors.

Project Management Solution

Save time, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration for restoration companies and beyond

Features and Benefits

A solution born out of the need for increased efficiency, and streamlined project management.

Home Services Business Solution

Offering completion insights, automated task scheduling, & progress tracking

Project Management Software

Team Collaboration

Customizable team software for your business needs.

Customer Support

Keep track of emails, phone calls and text messages.

Task Management

Streamline business management with Job-Dox

Employee Management

Manage your company's workforce efficiently


Elevate your service industry business with Job-Dox

Equipment Tracking

Easily generate detailed information, track work history, and organize operations

Play Video
User Interface

Effortlessly balance project tracking, customer satisfaction

Progress Reports

Simplify project management with accurate progress reports for your service business

Document Management

Job-Dox provides easy customer updates, improved service, and efficient organization.

Budgeting Tools

Optimize finances, track expenses, record deposits, and ensure excellent financial standing for your business


Job-Dox workflow software is an excellent tool.

Mobile Freindly

In today’s fast-paced society.

Industry Solutions

Home Services

Efficient task automation, progress tracking, and improved communication

Restoration & Cleanup

Enhance your restoration company's efficiency and customer satisfaction


Streamline operations, manage staff, and ensure top plumbing service for high customer satisfaction.


Optimize your electrical business with customizable management and remote document access.


Maximize your solar business with Job-Dox's project management software

Construction & Remodeling

Job-Dox construction estimating software

Remediation & Abatement

Enhance your remediation or abatement business

Carpet & Flooring

Fortify your carpet & flooring business with its excellent organizational tools


Keep your roofing company strong, while streamlining operations and maximum profits


Automation and validation tools for Painting businesses


With Job-Dox, you can spend more time growing your business instead of struggling to keep
up with the daily management tasks which can plague any small business.


Customer Support
Keeping track of emails, phone calls and texts while trying to increase customer satisfaction and maintain profits.


Team Management
Finding time to check on the progress of active projects while following leads for new work.


Providing all documentation, photos and data to third party contacts quickly and easily.


Really simple pricing

No hidden fees, no limits


Perfect for business
$ 50 /user per month
  • Discounts starting at 20 users
  • One time $1000 set up fee
  • Minimum of 5 users of $250 per month


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a software built to meet your needs. Now you do!


Allow your team, clients, vendors, and anyone else to view the project in real time with our software.


Let Job-Dox work for you by automatically creating tasks and alerting you and your team when something is needed.

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